The Silfradent Medifuge MF200 is a dedicated medical plasma centrifuge and specific blood tubes. It is designed to prepare autologous concentrated growth factor (CGF) and CD 34 + cells using patient's own blood wich is the ideal autologous source without the addition of exogenous substances.

CGF is a new technology (speed gradient, Silfradent®) that allows the extraction of the so-called CGF, contains autologous platelet osteoinductive growth factors and an osteoconductive fibrin matrix. Also present in CGF: tgf-b1, VEGF and CD34 + cells.

CGF represents a new generation of platelets able to maintain a higher concentration of autologous platelets.

Growth factors are proteins that regulate the complex processes of wound healing and enhance the body's ability to heal without side effects.  

The MEDIFUGE Centrifuge prepares up to 8 test tubes of different concentration levels with active proteins in liquid or fibrin form to create CGF membranes, glue and Liquid Phase Concentrated Growth Factors LP C.G.F. for tissue and bone regeneration in a short time span of 12 minutes.

With the MEDIFUGE Centrifuge you also have the possibility to prepare PRP Platelet Rich Plasma with the double centrifugation technique with the PRP - PV220P tubes. PRP BLOOD TUBES

AREA OF USE: Dentistry - Cosmetic Surgery - General Surgery 







Blood Phase Separator CGF KIT 

The patent kit is equipped with the necessary for blood collection, specific dappens to prevent any contamination risks and the required instrument to produce the fibrin membrane and insertion of the clot in the site.

Medifuge MF200 Technical Specifications:

Product Features:

  • This unique medical device allows for the use of up to 8 test tubes for the creation of CGF (fibrin, liquid) and PRP.
  • A micropocessor control system allows for the maintaining of a constant speed.
  • The exception rotor system with self-ventilation protects the blood sample from heat exposure. The rotor-holding compartment, the closing door and the test tube-holding jackets guarantee biological safety in terms of bio-containment, in the event of test tube breakage.
  • The test tube-holding jackets and rotor are built from thermal, antistatic material that is easy to clean, extract and sterilise in an autoclave at 135°.
  • MEDIFUGE is equipped with a decontamination cyclewith UVC reflected light.
  • Cycl duration 5 minutes at 1,000 revs.
  • The electronic control engine and its internal parts require no maintenance.
  •  Noise levels fall below the standards required and do not exceed 57 dBa.

Technical Features 

  • Capacity: 8 units/ tubes
  • Processing Time12 minutes
  • Power Source: 230V +/- 10% 50/60 Hz
  • Noise Level: Don't exceed 57 dB(A)
  • Dimensions of Unit: 230w x 320L x 240H mm
  • Weight: 9.4 Kg
  • Country of Manufacture: Italy
  • Controlled acceleration
  • Cycle Bleaching sterilizing= decontamination
  • Antistatic, anti-magnetic rotor
  • Self-ventilation to control temperature
  • Deceleration control
  • Cooling
  • Temperature control
  • Self-decontamination
  • Rotor with alternate and controlled speed with an acceleration always under RCF300

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, please note that the treatment methods presented are not among the generally recognised medical therapies/protocols in the sense of recognition by orthodox medicine. All statements originate from SILFRADENT and are based on publications, know-how and experience in the respective treatment areas themselves. In principle, the information should not give the impression that a promise of cure is guaranteed for the respective indication. The content does not constitute verbal advice or guidance and cannot replace personal guidance, examination or diagnosis by a therapist. The treated physician remains in all cases 100% responsible for his own actions, Allmedics cannot be held liable.

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