CGF BLOOD TUBES - Concentrated Growth Factors


For the preparation of CGF, specially developed PV200R blood tubes are used. Blood is collected in these tubes and centrifuged in the Medifuge.

The Silfradent Medifuge protocol is focussed at obtaining high concentrations of platelets and CD34+ stem cells.

Silfradent's high-quality borosilicate tubes show an unusually high yield of growth factors. 

No other therapy is as versatile and can be applied in so many ways.

PV 200R

  • Red Cap 
  • Empty Borosilicate plain glass blood tube 
  • Medical device IIA - notified body
  • Pack of 50 tubes: individually packed in double pouches.

AREA OF USE: Dentistry - Cosmetic Surgery - General Surgery

For the preparation of: 

  • CGF-clot: Concentrated Growth Factors Fibrine Clot - Membrane
  • LP CGF: Liquid Phase Concentrated Growth Factors Fibrine Clot

Fibrine Clot

Fibrine Membrane after compression

Intended use PV200R are glass tubes designed to separate the contained patient blood into its components by centrifugation. 
The PV 200R is intended to be used with the phase separator Medifuge CGF is used. The use of these tubes in other centrifuges is off-label.
 Certificates The CE declaration of conformity of the tubes is valid for the MEDIFUGE CGF system,Which also includes Medifuge + Kit for the preparation of CGF (concentrated growth factors)

Disclaimer: For legal reasons, please note that the treatment methods presented are not among the generally recognised medical therapies/protocols in the sense of recognition by orthodox medicine. All statements originate from SILFRADENT and are based on publications, know-how and experience in the respective treatment areas themselves. In principle, the information should not give the impression that a promise of cure is guaranteed for the respective indication. The content does not constitute verbal advice or guidance and cannot replace personal guidance, examination or diagnosis by a therapist. The treated physician remains in all cases 100% responsible for his own actions, Allmedics cannot be held liable. 

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