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During this unique course, you will have the chance to learn about the exact mechanism of action of this therapy in the medical and aesthetic fields. We will discuss various aspects so that by the end of the day your knowledge will be up to date regarding PRP/CGF. Both theory and practice will be thoroughly explained.

We will go through the process from blood collection to application on a patient or volunteer.

Furthermore, we discuss the materials needed, such as CGF/PRP tubes and CGF/PRP devices/centrifuges/mesotherapy devices/needles and go into advertising/marketing measures.

There are many manufacturers of PRP centrifuge & tubes - we present the very best systems on the market. Many things are no longer state of the art, as there are major differences in centrifugation, tubes (plastic tubes) and application (PRP-compatible transfer of blood), resulting in decreasing plasma quality.

Concentrated growth factors - Platelet Rich Plasma - from production to application. 

Because of the difference in specific gravity, centrifugation causes the blood components to be arranged in layers. The platelet-rich plasma layer contains high levels of various growth factors and cytokines and serves as the basis for effective therapies in medicine and aesthetics.

Treatment areas - CGF/PRP has become an indispensable part of medicine and aesthetics. 

This form of autologous blood therapy has overshadowed existing medical procedures and aesthetic treatments with exceptional success at a time when health and naturalness are of great importance in our society. 100% autologous 0% allergenic.

The mechanism of action has been proven by several studies. The indications are diverse and can be found in all areas of medicine. By using autologous materials, PRP is not only very mild and allergen-free, but also relatively safe without long-term monitoring. 


  • Hands on (blood collection, processing, use as required
  • CGF/PRP for aesthetics - dermatology - including personal cosmetics
  • CGF/PRP for hair treatment
  • CGF/PRP for medical and orthopedic indications
  • Theory: mechanism of action of platelet-rich plasma, medical protocol, and aesthetic protocol - preparation of CGF - PRP - PLASMA-GEL
  • Aesthetic facial treatments (wrinkle treatment), on the scalp (hair loss), medical treatments
  • Use of the latest generation of equipment
  • Small course group (max. 15 participants )
  • Certificate


  • What is PRP - CGF? Mechanism of action of CGF/PRP + difference medical/aesthetic use
  • Treatment cycle + frequency of treatment
  • Benefits of CGF/PRP therapy
  • Contraindications
  • Personalized cosmetics
  • Material overview practice
  • CGF/PRP in hair treatment - Anti-ageing - Wound healing - Regeneration - Dermatological indications - Orthopedic indications - Gynecological indications
  • Aftercare
  • *Program may vary


From  9.30am. – 5pm.

LOCATION: Allmedics – Mechelsebaan 3 – 3140 Keerbergen

Language: English

Small course group (max. 15 participants)


Lunch and consumables are included in the participation fee.

During the workshop, each participant will have the chance to prepare their own blood products (PRP/Unicorn) and get their own hair treatment, facial or orthopaedic treatment. This is, of course, completely optional.

Places are limited.

Registration is possible at

You will receive an invoice from us and after payment, registration is final.

There is no refund possible in case of cancellation.


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