Tecno-Gaz S.p.A. offers IgenHand, a tank loaded with liquid disinfectant a device of the utmost usefulness, which helps to rationalize the disinfection of the hands.

This device permits the best possible disinfection, without wasting time, without activating levers, buttons or using gel or liquids to be spread.

IgenHand is a device which must be pre-loaded with a suitable liquid disinfectant, which is then finely vaporized and scattered over the hands in a far-reaching way, when they are inserted under the control photocell.

IgenHand is a comprehensive device, which can count on solutions designed to be used in all environments. 

The vaporization of the liquid is micro-metric and this allows far-reaching disinfection and rapid drying. 

Time of vaporization 3/5 sec.-secs .


Doesn’t need any electrical connection as it is fed by a rechargeable incorporated battery.
Easy to place, transportable, equipped with an internal container for the disinfecting liquid, totally managed by an electronic control.

You have to approach the hands to the special hollow and as soon as their presence is noticed, a process of vaporization of this liquid starts.

Everything happens without touching anything, avoiding the risk of crossed infections.

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