SMI Surgical Belgian Sutures of the highest quality

SMI AG was established in 1987 – the first Belgian company to manufacture surgical sutures – since when it has grown rapidly. Today it is recognized as an experienced and world-wide supplier of surgical sutures. The company is situated in St. Vith in the east of Belgium, near the point where the borders of Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg meet.

SMI complies with international quality standards such as EN ISO 13485 as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Our products are manufactured with newest techniques and all compounds are of highest technical level. All raw materials and finished products are submitted to stringent quality control by a highly qualified team. SMI is dedicated to customer satisfaction by ensuring high quality products and an excellent service based on customer focus, reliability and delivery performance.


SMI exports to around 120 different countries all over the world. For this perfor- mance SMI received the “Royal Export Award 2000“ from the Belgian Foreign Trade Board.



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