Mini implants are small diameter implants (about 3 mm), produced in a titanium alloy classified as grade 5 which favor the osseointegration process. An advantageous solution for both patients and professionals, for the competitive costs compared to traditional implants and for the ease of use and insertion, always guaranteeing an excellent final result.

In many clinical situations implants of an intermediate size (larger than mini dental implants but smaller than conventional ones) are desired.
The solution is the MDI 3.0 mm Hybrid. It combines implant and abutment in one piece, has a self-tapping design and uses a minimally invasive protocol without a full depth osteotomy.
Compared to mini dental implants it stands out due to a larger surface which allows for improved endosseous fixation¹. Moreover, the O-Ball features a special titanium-nitride coating to minimise abrasion².
The hybrid implant can be placed in an alveolar ridge with a thickness down to 5 millimeters. Even in softer bone it offers a high initial stability³.

Thus, the MDI 3.0 Hybrid combines various beneficial properties of mini dental implants and conventional implants and is considered to be the “golden mean” between a two-piece 3.5 mm implant and a 2.4 mm MDI in a number of clinical borderline cases.

1. Prosthetic Options

Choice between square or O-ball head depending on fixed or removable applications.

2. Support for Fixed Reconstructions

A tapered head with a 4,8mm height above the 3,1mm platform offers and optimal base and structure for the fixed reconstruction.

3. Gingival Collar

MAN-OB/MAN-TAP smooth collar provides the platform switching height to accommodate the average mandibular gingival tissue.

4. Mandibular Cortical Maintenance

Augmented MAN-OB/MAN-TAP micro grooving for the increased cortical height of the mandibular bone.

5. Low Profile Threading

Low profile threading offers surface area yet with the reduced resistance necessary for placement in the D1/D2 bone that can be encountered in the mandible.

6. Surface Topography

Blasted and acid etched main body surface.

7. Mandibular Apex

Sharp apex to facilitate advancement in D1/D2 bone.

8. Augmented Gingival Collar

MAX-OB/MAX-TAP smooth collar platform switching fits the thicker maxillary gingival tissue

9. Maxilla Type Bone Micro Grooving

MAX-OB/MAX-TAP micro grooving accommodates the thinner cortical bone that is encountered in the maxilla.

10. Aggressive Main Body Threading

MAX-OB/MAX-TAP main body threading, agressive reverse buttress threads deliver the surface area and stability required by softer maxillary bone

11. Maxilla Type Apex

Rounded tip is ideal for the maxilla so as to prevent the possible perforation of the sinus.

MDI Hybrid implants with O-Ball

MDI 3.0 mm implant

Material: Titanium Grade 5 (titanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V)
O-Ball: Titanium-nitride coating
One piece implant with O-Ball
Indication: denture stabilization, bone density D1-D2 • D2-D3
Sterile packed
Ø= 3,0mm
L= 9/11/13/15 mm
(the indicated lengths refer to the individual length of the thread!!)

MII-OB10 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 9mm
MII-OB13 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 11mm
MII-OB15 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 13mm
MII-OB18 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 15mm

MII-MOB10 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 9mm
MII-MOB13 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 11mm
MII-MOB15 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 13mm
MII-MOB18 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 15mm

MDI Hybrid implants with tapered abutment

MDI 3.0 mm implant

Material: Titanium Grade 5 (titanium alloy Ti 6Al 4V)
One-piece implant with tapered abutment
Indication: fixed restorations, bone density D1-D2 • D2-D3
Sterile packed
Ø= 3,0mm
L= 9/11/13/15 mm
(the indicated lengths refer to the individual length of the thread!!)

MANDIBULAR TYPE IMPLANT (tapered abutment)
MII-T10 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 10mm
MII-T13 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 13mm
MII-T15 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 15mm
MII-T18 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 18mm

MAXILLA TYPE IMPLANT (tapered abutment
MII-S10 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 10mm
MII-S13 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 13mm
MII-S15 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 15mm
MII-S18 – Ø= 3,0mm L: 18mm


  • Minimally invasive protocol¹
  • Often no grafting necessary¹
  • Immediate load possible in the mandible (stabilisation of dentures)¹
  • Very cost-effective for the dental practice²
  • Available diameters: 1.8 – 2.1 – 2.4 mm
  • Available lengths: 10 – 13 – 15 – 18 mm
  • Available abutmens: O-Ball Head – Square Head
  • Variants: collared (thick gingiva) – classic (thin gingiva)


  • Long-term fixation of single crowns
  • Long-term fixation of small bridges
  • Long-term full denture stabilisation
  • Long-term partial denture stabilisation

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