In order to carry out the medical microneedling treatment systematically, you also need sterile serums and care products in addition to the device.

Specially coordinated active ingredients enable you to get the best out of the treatment.



Before the microneedling, the skin must be thoroughly, but still very gently, removed from dead skin cells, sebum, make-up and skin impurities.

At the same time, the skin barrier and the skin's natural protective function can be strengthened with high-quality cleansers. We offer the Treatment Cleanser (Basic Series) for sensitive, normal and combination skin and the Treatment Purifying Cleanser for oily skin types prone to acne.

Active Ingredients: Ceramides, Bamboo Extract, Allantoin, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Prickly Pear Water


After the basic cleansing, the skin is optimally prepared for the treatment with an enzyme peeling.

This not only removes dead skin cells, but also sets the course for rapid skin renewal after the procedure. We use encapsulated papaya enzymes and bromelain in our Enzymatic Treatment Peeling, as both active ingredients have proven to be particularly gentle.

Active ingredients: papaya extract, bromelain, mannitol, vitamin E


In general, you have two options for combining the microneedling application with an active substance therapy (serum). Either you work in a sterile serum directly with the needling pen or you use an after-care serum after the treatment.

Due to the pharmaceutical purity and the higher effectiveness, we recommend using a sterile active ingredient ampoule. With 13 sterile meso serums, we offer a unique variety with which you can specifically treat aesthetic blemishes. For intensive hydration, an initial treatment with the Hyaluron Booster is often advisable.

The composition of active ingredients varies greatly in each field of application


Dermida is a pioneer in microneedling and collagen induction therapy in Germany.

When needling with the electric needling pen, a needle head is moved up and down, resulting in up to 18,000 strokes per minute with high-performance devices. During this up and down movement, the needling pen is guided over the skin, leaving small vertical puncture channels in the skin's surface, the so-called perforation. This process triggers a series of biological processes that help the skin "repair" and renew itself. A large number of skin problems can be treated effectively in this way. The aim is 200 to 250 punctures per cmÇ for an optimal result.


Our unique Hydration Masks are available for both face and body treatments. They ensure intensive hydration of the skin, support the skin's regeneration process and stimulate the body's own elastin and, collagen production. Redness, irritation, microtears and dryness are reduced immediately. With this power mask, you are guaranteed to no longer need a serum after the treatment.

Active Ingredients: Matrixyl®, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, Gatuline Expression AF, iActive-Complex, Prodew 500,


After the treatment, immediate first aid is required. Our Post Treatment Repair Balm delivers exactly that. The cream strengthens the weakened skin barrier and brings the skin balance back into balance.

It also regulates the pH of the skin. Intensively caring, repairing and constructive. For better use, the cream is hygienically packed in individual sachets.

Active ingredients: Bifida Ferment Lysate, Allantoin, Urea, Hyaluron


You can protect your skin well after the treatment by your personal behavior. For external influences - such as UV radiation - you have our UV Protect Cream SPF50+. It is a UV-protecting, repairing, thin and very quickly absorbed sun protection cream with a high sun protection factor of 80. It is based on proven UVB and UVA filters, as well as nourishing ingredients for skin stabilization.

Active ingredients: DNA repair enzymes, proteins, plankton extract

Daily Care

Get more out of your treatment. With day creams specially tailored to your treatment goal, you can optimally supplement the treatment. We carry treatment day creams for anti-aging, cellulite, pigment spots, scars or oily skin. To do this, use the cream as day care on all days between your treatments. The composition of active ingredients varies greatly in each field of application.

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