Our online configurator allows you to choose the tools that best suit your needs and to assemble your set together with Allmedics

Our comprehensive product range ensures total flexibility in the choice of items; you can therefore create a set which meets the needs of your medical staff, of the single operation and of the operating theatre. You can contact the company or our agents and distributors in your area at any time: we will help you to choose the ideal components and features in order to create an efficient procedure tray.

The Omnia procedure trays are practical, compact and ready to use, they contain all the disposable items which the surgical team needs for the different types of operations. All products are already stacked in the order they will be used: once inside the operating theatre the surgical team will just have to unwrap the set, thereby making the set-up time easier and more efficient, thus raising the level of professionalism of the performance.


The Omnia procedure trays can significantly reduce the time of the various activities which enable carrying out surgery. They make planning processes, material purchasing, administration, set-up and traceability faster with a significant reduction of total costs for each procedure. The time saved will not only allow greater concentration towards the clinical case but will also increase the number of operations possible.


Production of the Omnia sets occurs in a controlled environment classified as "ISO CLASS 8" pursuant to EN ISO 14644-1. The sets are packaged in a double sterile packaging, medical paper and blister, through extremely strict and rigorous procedures which meet the highest control standards. Omnia implements a constant after-sales surveillance and vigilance in order to ensure that the sets are always at the forefront in terms of safety, suitability for use and customer satisfaction.During the internal production phases, monitoring is direct and constant so as to ensure ever-increasing quality standards and safety.We always guarantee traceability of all materials and components used.


Hygiene and safety in the operating theatre have always been our priority and we believe that the sustainability of the products we offer should go hand in hand with our values.Omnia Disposable sets have two advantages from this point of view: first, they dramatically reduce the amount of packaging material compared with individually packaged products. Moreover, despite their use producing waste every day, they are preferable to reusable materials. This is because their safety is guaranteed at every use and they must not be repeatedly washed and sterilised by medical personnel, with consequent energy saving

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