Changing the Nature of Healing

Numerous scientific papers have been published on OSSEAN®. They report the remarkable performance of this surface compared to others, particularly immediately after implant placement and during the initial phase of healing. The very nature of the healing chain has been reported to be changed and shortened.

Compressing the Healing Process

The most critical phase of implant treatment occurs from the moment an implant is surgically placed, through the first weeks of initial healing. It is in this period when most complications and/or adverse effects occur. This juncture also sets the stage for ongoing and long-­term future implant success. Naturally, the importance of shortening this time by compressing the healing process  is crucial.

Documented “in-vivo” Study

Furthermore, this early accelerated healing process has been documented in “in-vivo” in  a bone histological, gene expression, and nanomechanical study. The OSSEAN® surface was shown to play a critical role at the DNA level by favorably enhancing osteoblasts formation and accelerating the mineralization on the newly formed bone.

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