The MILO® Implant System is engineered for the anatomical and physiological demands of long-term denture stabilization or the permanent rehabilitation of single or multiple incisors. The simplified surgical protocol is similar to that of a miniature implant, however, MILO® has the added advantages of increased bone surface interface, improved load transfer capabilities and greater yield strength.

MILO® Implants are available in five lengths (10, 11.5, 13, 15 and 17 mm) and two thread profiles (Fine Pitch and Wide Pitch) that are engineered to address the clinical quality and quantity of bone. MILO® is a true convertible implant with one-piece solid strength and two-piece versatility. The Cement-Over Abutments provide the clinician with an unsurpassed range of prosthetic options.

Download Milo Brochure (PDF) 

L-PRF a dream or the future of bone regeneration?

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