The ideal dental implant would resist the biologic and mechanical attacks it will face in its lifetime. Healthy, robust bone and soft tissue should surround the implant from day of placement, combating infection and preventing tissue degradation for years to come. The restorations must withstand the test of time without screw loosening, implant fracture or other mechanical failures.

Fortunately, recent advances in implant surface, connection technology and overall architecture have enabled the development of a dental implant that specifically addresses these criteria in ways only dreamed of in the past.

The ideal dental implants macro geometry does not create excessive stress during insertion maintaining physiologic compression of the surrounding bone. The surface is bio-active, not simply tolerating the bone interface, but actually recruiting stem cells that specifically differentiate into osteoblasts. The prosthetic connection is a solid, strong,foundation for the restoration with a design that can tolerate long-term occlusal stresses.

Download Gold & Blue Brochure (PDF)

L-PRF a dream or the future of bone regeneration?

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