Analgesia is a technique in use for many years in the United States, Canada and various European countries. The controlled administration of oxygen and nitrous oxide by inhalatory route induces a relaxed feeling, reducing emotional stress. Anxiety and pain perception are reduced, increasing the amenability of the patient and facilitating collaboration with the physician, while maintaining the vital reflexes unaltered. Analgesia has no undesired effects and only general contraindications.


Paediatric dentistry

Children tend to suffer most from the problem of “dental anxiety”, which often manifests itself in a total lack of collaboration. The dentist is therefore subjected to inconvenience and loss of time. Conscious sedation resolves this problem, by saving time and facilitating the work of the dental staff. New masks available in sizes 1 - 2 - 3 - 4

The disabled

Very difficult kind of patient. With conscious sedation, you can treat them in a simple way.

Implant dentistry

With this widespread technique, the patient must undergo long treatment sessions producing moments of stress that sometimes result in “non-collaborative” behaviour, particularly at the most delicate moments. Conscious sedation helps the patient to be calm and cooperative during all the phases of the treatment session.

Dental phobias and other daily situations

Dental phobia widespread even in adults, causing them to neglect dental health. Daily routine procedures, such as impression taking and tartar removal often create problems, which are resolved by conscious sedation, resulting in collaboration between patient and dentist. The dental staff can operate calmly, quickly and without stress.

Master Flux Plus

Conscious sedation machine with automatic flow control

Master Flux Plus automatic is the only conscious sedation machine entirely researched and developed in Italy. All parts are manufactured by Tecno-Gaz and undergo scrupulous individual inspection. To prevent the machine from having a negative visual and psychological impact on the patient, it is in an elegant unit which contains the oxygen and nitrous oxide bottles with relative adapters and attachments. The unit is painted RAL 9002 white, equipped with wheels and laminated instrument tray and a compartment housing 5-10 litre gas bottles. On the front there is a space for the flow control box with accessories. Master Flux Plus has passed the tests laid down by CE directives.


The Master Flux Plus flow control box, based on a sophisticated mechanical engineering concept, has an automatic proportioning delivery system. A mechanical method was chosen as gas management is “direct”, i.e. not subordinated to other electronic or electrical “controllers”. In this way, we offer a high precision, highly reliable, user-friendly product. The technical features of Master Flux Plus make it very versatile, easy to use, with efficient safety devices to prevent errors, so guaranteeing patient safety. The serigraphed drawing is simple and easy to interpret.

Safety devices

• Cuts off the N2O flow when the O2 pressure is zero (no oxygen)

• Minimum oxygen concentration. 30% oxygen is always present, so preventing the risk of HYPOXIA and ANOXIA.

• A special valve prevents expired gases from being recycled in the circuit,and a special device enables the patient tobreathe ambient air in the event of a gas failure.

O2 emergency

By pressing the O2 device, the N2O flow is cut off and 100% oxygen is delivered to the control balloon and the patient under treatment.

Automatic flow control

The system is designed for quick and easy flow administration. With the O2 knob, the flow required by the patient in litres per minute is set, depending on his/her respiratory volume. The special adjustment knob can automatically vary the percentage of nitrous oxide from 0 to 70%.


Flow columns

The columns indicating the flows are designed for fast and easy reading.


Supply couplings

The couplings are placed on the back of the flow control box, with physically different attachments to prevent the risk of inverting the hoses for the two gases. Another precaution to ensure safety in the machine use.

Technical Features

Versione a mobile / Cabinet model
1600AS    Riduttori di pressione attacco Italia UNI / UNI Italy pressure adapters 
1600ASFRiduttori di pressione attacco Francia / France pressure adapters 
MF006ZMF Riduttori di pressione attacco Francia-Italia / France-Italy pressure adapters 
1600ASDRiduttori di pressione attacco Germania DIN / DIN Germany pressure adapters 
MF007ZMFMaster flux a mobile Germania con 2 circuiti maschere Matrx / Master Flux cabinet model with two mask circuits - Germany  
MF009ZMFSenza kit riduttori/ Without adapter kit
Versione a muro / Wall model
1601ASRiduttori di pressione attacco Italia UNI / UNI Italy pressure adapters 
1601ASFRiduttori di pressione attacco Francia / France pressure adapters 
MF008ZMFSenza kit riduttori/ Without adapter kit
1601ASDRiduttori di pressione attacco Germania DIN / DIN Germany pressure adapters 
MF010ZMFRiduttori di pressione attacco Francia-Italia / France-Italy pressure adapters 

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