Literature APAG

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Use of APAG device as per Dr. Gregorio Martinez’s Protocol (April 2019 - Rev. 00)


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-- Use of APAG device as per Dr. Gregorio Martinez’

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CGF Literature

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evidence for contamination of silica microparticlesin advanced platelet-rich fibrin matrices prepared using silica-coated plastic tubes * correspondence:; tel.: +81-25-262-7559 received: 20 may 2019; accepted: 18 june 2019; published: 19 june 2019

blood tubes literature:received: 4 may 2016 | revised: 29 july 2016 | accepted: 23 august 2016doi 10.1002/jemt.22772 how the different material and shape of the blood collection tube influences the concentrated growth factors production veronica bonazza1 | elisa borsani1,2 | barbara buffoli1,2 | stefania castrezzati1 |rita rezzani1,2 | luigi fabrizio rodella1,2 article in odontology · january 2020 doi: 10.1007/s10266-020-00486-zacute cytotoxic effects of silica microparticles used for coating of plastic blood-collection tubes on human periosteal cells

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