Bioteck Company Overview

Bioteck Company

Since 1995 Bioteck manufactures natural equine-derived medical devices. 

Bioteck exploits an enzymatic deantigenation system to treat every kind of heterologous tissue, producing high-quality and technologically advanced surgical applications, for the benefit of the surgeon and of the patient.

Bioteck delivers to its customers a wide range of grafts, all manufactured through advanced biotechnological processes.

Bioteck devices are widely spread in many fields of regenerative medicine, such as Orthopedics, Neurosurgery and Dental Surgery.

Cutting edge biotechnological processes 

Advanced biotechnological processes

Bioteck applies cutting edge biotechnology processes to obtain advanced solutions for regenerative surgery from animal tissues. 

Thanks to these processes, some important biological and mechanical features of the tissues of origin are wholly preserved.

The Zymo-Teck® process is at the heart of the manufacture of complete remodeling natural bone substitutes and of pericardium membranes. 

This is an exclusive deantigenation process patented by Bioteck based on the use of lytic enzymes at temperatures lower than 100°C. 

Thanks to careful selection of enzymes in the various processing steps and to the absence of aggressive chemical substances or physical conditions, the collagen component and mechanical resistance of the tissues of origin is preserved unaltered. 

Elaborate methods for treating the collagen extracted from Achilles tendon make it possible to produce collagen derivatives, such as membranes, gel and yet other devices that make full use of the properties of this material.

Sophisticated physical-chemical processes underlie the production of slow resorption bone substitutes and of synthetic bone substitutes. 

Valid alternatives to traditional biological lines in particular surgical contexts.

High tech solutions not only in the development of bio-materials but also of devices to increase their effectiveness. 

This is the case of the innovative Awayr perfusion device, able to enrich any kind of porous bio-material with biological fluids or solutions suitably selected by the surgeon.

The advanced technologies that Bioteck applies result in a wide range of products that provide safe and effective clinical solutions for surgeons and their patients.

Bioteck: the bravery of one's own ideas.

High quality, cutting-edge regenerative solutions and much more. 

One of its kind in the arena of Italian manufacturers of bio-materials, Bioteck opens the doors of its Production and R&D Center in Turin to show how its products are developed and the strict quality tests they undergo, through guided tours within a rich calendar of courses.

L-PRF a dream or the future of bone regeneration?

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