Bioteck Calcitos Long Lasting Bone Substitute

Calcitos is manufactured by subjecting cancellous equine bone to a very high temperature. This aims to eliminate bone collagen and to achieve a controlled decarbonation of the apatite crystal.

These two actions minimize the adhesion of osteoclasts, the bone remodeling cells, on Calcitos, preserving its integrity in the grafted site. 

Calcitos is an equine space-keeping bone substitute. It may be successfully used whenever a long-lasting bone augmentation is desired. Therefore, it is indicated for all the application calling for volume stability over time.

Bone substitutes manufactured by heat-treating animal bone have been widely known in oral and maxillo-facial surgery for years and hundreds of indexed clinical publications testify their effectiveness.



  • Ridge augmentation, to increase volume stability over time
  • Bone regeneration performed externally to the implant sites in immediate loading implant placement procedures 
  • Socket preservation
  • Bone regeneration with autogenous bone, in order to prevent bone resorption



6 btls 0.5 g ≈ 1 cc (granules size 500-1000 μm)
Packaged in carton boxes

1 btll 0.5 g ≈ 1 cc (granules size 500-1000 μm)
Packaged in blister



L-PRF a dream or the future of bone regeneration?

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