Allmedics bv, founded in 2016 by Antonella Van Extergem, is a distribution company focused on providing innovative medical devices in Europe. The products are carefully selected to differentiate themselves in the market and to add specific value for customers.

The product portfolio includes everything related to the preparation of CONCENTRATED GROWTH FACTORS - CGF - LP CGF - PRP - C-PRP- L-PRF. This portfolio consists of medical centrifuges and appliances, blood tubes and other preparation materials.

The indications for CGF are very extensive, as a result of which Allmedics is active in dental, maxillofacial, general wound care, vascular, orthopaedic, sports medicine, ORL, neurological, plastic and aesthetic surgery as well as in dermatology. And still the CGF applications continue to expand. 

At Allmedics we can proudly claim to be THE specialist in concentrated growth factors!

Allmedics is also exclusive Acteon distributor in the Benelux for the M+ Piezotome appliances and surgical tips. Piezotome surgery allows for minimally invasive bone surgery, is superior in its kind and particularly suitable for rhinoplasty and bone correction. 

In addition, we offer many other products that can make a difference in the hospital, dentist and doctor's practice: U-VC Covid 19 decontamination systems, sutures, masks, dental implants, bone grafting materials, surgical instruments, disposables and medical clothing.  

All products are certified to the highest medical standards. Allmedics' main priorities include the distribution of excellent products and unrivalled customer service. 


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