Allmedics bvba, founded in 2016 by Antonella Van Extergem, is a distribution company focused on providing innovative medical devices in the Benelux. The products are carefully selected to differentiate themselves in the market and to add specific value for customers.

The current product portfolio contains U-VC Covid 19 decontamination systems, L-PRF blood centrifuges, surgical sutures, dental implants, bone graft materials, surgical instruments, surgical tools, and disposables from the well-recognized brands Intra-Lock (USA-based), UVmastercare (Belgium based), SMI (Belgium based), Bioteck (Italy based), B&B Dental (Italy-based) Ustomed (Germany-based), Omnia (Italy-based), Acteon (Italy-based), Tecno-Gaz (Italy-based) and Meisinger (Germany-based).  All products are certified to the highest medical standards, for example the Intra-Lock Intra Spin L-PRF centrifuge is the only one on the market with FDA and CE medical class 3 certification, which is a legal requirement for utilization inside the human body. Key priorities for Allmedics include the distribution of outstanding products, unparalleled customer service and product customization where feasible.

MDI Mini Dental Implants

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